about us

Harper Rae Design Co. came about from our love of bringing life to the spaces where we spend so much time unwinding from a busy day and connecting with friends and loved ones.  Our homes are a natural extension of ourselves and with thoughtful design and decor afford us the opportunity to live our lives in an inspired and effortless way.  Interior design is our passion and we truly believe that every home, room or space has the potential to bring a sense of peace to our lives through good design that incorporates who you are and how you live.

Our job is not only to assess your home to determine its potential but to learn more about you and your lifestyle so that we can customize your space to be as unique as the individuals living within it.  Together, we will create a design plan that not only improves your day-to-day functioning, but also cultivates a sense of what you love doing most, whether that's cooking and baking in a chef-style kitchen, relaxing in a cozy family room watching movies or hosting elegant dinner parties and entertaining frequent guests.

We look forward to chatting with you and learning more about your project.  Explore everything we have to offer under Services, from full-service interior design projects to e-design for smaller scale projects, or get started now by clicking the link below.

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Rachel Anderson, Owner & Designer

It all started with a simple desire to renovate her first home, but it quickly turned into a passion for interior design. Through that journey of remodeling, Rachel grew to love the process of designing a space from start to finish, and all of the intricacies and complexities that come with it. After the birth of her two daughters and successfully navigating the design decisions involved in renovating a second home to be a familly-friendly space that maximized comfort and function but didn’t skimp on style, Rachel decided to turn her passion for interiors into a career. She is a grad from Heritage School of Design’s masters certification program. Her design work has been featured by Pental Surfaces and shared on major social media accounts like Joss & Main, Framebridge, Project Junior and The Every Mom, to name a few.

Rachel sets herself apart from other designers by combining the knowledge from both a masters certification in Interior Custom Design and a degree in Psychology with honorary distinction. Through the integration of principles from both fields of study, Rachel takes a unique approach to designing spaces that hones in on gaining a deep understanding of the lives of her clients to cultivate thoughtful spaces that enrich their lives. This client-centered approach is outlined in Harper Rae Design Co’s mission and is something she is proud to stand behind:

Our mission at Harper Rae Design Co is to create lasting emotional connections between people and spaces using a mindful approach that focuses on connecting with clients, understanding their lives on a deeper level and incorporating thoughtful design elements.

When Rachel’s not designing livable and approachable spaces for her clients, she is usually at home navigating motherhood with two wonderfully spirited little girls and a burgeoning collection of plant babies “who never talk back”. Often working and living with her camera close by, she can be found documenting her design work alongside the ups and downs of work-at-home life with kids on Instagram: @pintucksandpeonies and credits her husband and their expertly designed built-ins with keeping their lives as peaceful and manageable as possible.

did you know…Harper Rae Design Co is named after Rachel’s two daughters. It’s the combination of their middle names and gives very special meaning to this design adventure. And it’s also why you’ll often find her oversharing about them on social media! Come follow along…