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Thoughtful design is all that stands in the way of you living a more pleasing and comfortable home life. Whether your project is a large-scale renovation that requires a full-service design approach or something of a smaller scale that only requires a bit of our expertise to get you to the finish line, we’d love to help bring life into your home again.


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A full-service approach that starts with an initial design concept and proceeds all the way through to completion. We customize a space for you and handle every aspect of implementation, including selecting finishes, managing the project and sourcing decor to complete your space.

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A recent offering in the interior design world, e-designs are for those who want to implement a space on their own or for those who are too far away to meet in person. Your custom e-design package includes a concept board, space plan and shopping list designed specifically for you.

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Enjoy the design process and have a good sense of what you like but having trouble executing a final design plan? We offer our services à la carte, so you can choose specific products to fill your design needs. From moodboards to computer renderings to space plans, we do it all.