Our Products & Services

We offer a variety of products and services to suit your specific design needs.  Combine all of these products into a full-service approach which also includes your appointed designer serving as project manager alongside your general contractor for the length of your project.  Have a project of a smaller scale or only need a little helpful design push?  Our à la carte service approach allows you to be in charge of your own design destiny with a little help from our expertise.

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Moodboards are an excellent way to conceptualize the design of a space.  They offer a unique opportunity to visualize the space, which can sometimes be difficult and help give a feel for the room.  Moodboards are also used in our full-service approach and are a helpful way to check that the designer and client are on the same page with regard to final look of the space.  They generally have one to two inspirational images that show the direction of the design and include important details for the look, including finishes, furniture, lighting, color palettes and decor.


space plans

Ever purchased a piece of furniture in store only to get it home and realize it doesn't fit in your space?  We've all done it at some point. Having a detailed space plan in place can save you the frustrating experience of making costly purchase decisions.  Your plan also shows the flow through your new space and highlights designated zones where different activities will take place.  Space plans can be broad enough to show an entire house or specific enough to show a single room.

Fundamentals Final Project -  KITCHEN ELEVATION-1.jpg

2D Renderings

2D computer renderings are not only a helpful way to visualize a space, but are also an important way to provide detailed plans to cabinet makers, tile contractors and other installers.  There is a lot of opportunity for mistakes throughout the course of a design project if your contractor, sub-contractor and designer aren't on the same page with regard to placement and dimensions.  Computer drawings eliminate any gray areas and help ensure your final design is implemented as successfully as possible.

Rachel Anderson - Sketchup Final Scene 1.jpg

3D Computer renderings

Revolutionizing the way we see spaces, 3D computer renderings offer a unique opportunity to view a space before making major decisions like structural changes, large-scale finishes like flooring or when having trouble deciding between different wall colors.  Although they are on the more labor-intensive side for the designer, and thus cost a bit more than other services we offer, they can be instrumental in helping a client make confident decisions about the final design plan.


Hand drawn renderings

A little bit art, a little bit conceptual design, hand drawn renderings were historically the go-to method interior designers used to portray the final look of a space to their clients. Although 2D and 3D computer renderings are having their time in the limelight now, hand renderings likely won't go away anytime soon. They offer a unique perspective when making final design decisions.  Drawings can come in black and white or color and an eye-level or bird's eye view.  They are usually chosen by the designer based on important focal points they may want to convey to the client about the space.